Only the ignorant believe that history is irrelevant. M.R.D. Foot

History and Latte has been created by, Author and Military Historian, Cliff Lloyd to promote historical understanding in a fun and absorbing way.


For those keen to develop their knowledge of Second World War campaigns, H&L offer Battlefield tours of the Normandy Beaches (Operation OVERLORD), the airborne battle to capture the bridges over the Rhine (Operation MARKET-GARDEN) and the ever popular Battle of the Atlantic tour.




For the armchair warrior, we offer a selection of books and publications for sale (Resources menu).



For the budding Author we provide a range of Book Publishing Services specifically for Military Historians.

The Resources section is also where to look for useful links to other Military History web sites and organisations.


Periodically H&L reviews new and existing books/publications so check out the Blog.




Finally if you need to get hold of us, use the Contact page.







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