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Operation IRONCLAD, the British invasion of Madagascar 1942.


In a pre-emptive assault on the Vichy controlled port of Diego Suarez, Madagascar, the British hoped to prevent the Imperial Japanese Forces from cutting their vital supply lines to the Middle East, India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). This book, part of the History and Latte Battlefield series, examines the conduct of the operation and its strategic importance to the defeat of the Axis forces.

Review: "Really enjoyed reading this instalment of Cliff Lloyd's battle series, it was interesting, compelling and very informative about a largely unexplored and little known aspect of the British forces operations during the Second World War. I found that it was very readable with great use of primary sources, I'm looking forward to the next one."

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The Wartime Memoirs of Topper Brown


The moving and humourous experiences of Topper Brown during the Second World War. Edited by Cliff Lloyd and Philip Smith


This is the story of an ordinary soldier in extraordinary times. From the debacle of defeat in France 1940 to the searing heat of the Western Desert in 1942, from Italy in 1943 to the bitter struggle for Normandy in 1944, and from clearing corpses in the El Alamein battlefield, to coping with Army bull, Topper retains a stoicism and an endearing humour in a world convulsed by death and destruction. This memoir highlights the organised chaos of British Military life, the trials and tribulations, the troopships and the Jerry­can brews, but above all, it shows the soldier's ability to find humour in adversity...

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Iraq 1941


In May 1941 as Hitler's defeat of Britain seemed inevitable, the Iraqi government ordered its army to march on the RAF training base at Habbaniya, 60 miles west of Baghdad, intent on removing the British presence in Iraq once and for all. Facing them was a motley collection of obsolete aircraft and untrained crews, 380 men of 1KORR, and RAF armoured car unit and eight companies of RAF levies. Iraq 1941 is the second book in the 'Battle' series published by History and Latte.

Review: "This is a well written and compelling account exploring British military involvement in Iraq during WWII, focussing on the perhaps less well known battle for Habbaniya, another fascinating insight from Cliff Lloyd in the History & Latte battle series."

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